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First Date Ideas

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  • 1imlistening ( 63 / M / Charlotte, NC )

    Just hanging out, talking getting to know each other, Then lunch or dinner would be nice!

  • Koerner27 ( 58 / M / Lone Tree, CO )

    I am open to anything you want to do. My interests include just about everything.

  • BelovedOfGod ( 57 / W / Dallas, TX )

    a place where we can walk around, talk, laugh, have a fun experience together and get to know each other. we can even grab a bite to eat or have a planned picnic.

  • CatherineMarie ( 70 / W / Bellevue, WA )

    I would enjoy meeting on the waterfront and taking a walk perhaps stoping for a coffee or green tea!

  • Angela50s ( 57 / W / Atlanta, GA )

    Maybe a leisurely walk by the Chattahoochie river?

  • padcha62 ( 55 / W / Thailand )

    We have exchange something to know more may be a nice place be good to the first meet.

  • Sailorcamp ( 73 / M / Marietta, GA )

    Meet for a walk/ride cycling

  • Zurrenity ( 49 / W / Grass Valley, CA )

    My Ideal date it to either go hiking in the mountains, with a picnic basked filled with treats, or go walking on the beach at either sunrise or sunset, to watch the waves dance.

  • maybeso2017 ( 52 / W / Sacramento, CA )

    Almost anything "other" than eating. I love the outdoors and i absolutely love knowing that a man is very active and wants to be outside in the sun and fresh air.

  • fiftyone2017 ( 52 / W / Monmouth, IL )

    a nice walk, near the beach would be great but anywhere is fine as long as we can talk..and laugh.. and get to tease each other, and get to engage in conversations over anything we want

  • Dlm0918 ( 70 / M / Sun City West, AZ )

    I would love to go on walk and talk. Spend some time getting to know each other.

  • James_F ( 75 / M / Homer, LA )

    Maybe coffee, maybe more. Just really need the other to not miss-represent which is an auto turn-off.

  • quetzal123 ( 74 / M / Asheville, NC )

    Meet for coffee or a late breakfast and then go for a 2-4 mile hike. If the chemistry is right maybe meet later in the day for dinner at a place with great ambiance.

  • Shutterbug51 ( 66 / W / Louisville, KY )

    I think there are many great options for a first date. One I like would be meet in a small cafe for a early dinner then take a walk up a tree lined avenue with little white lights...(*_*) Or go bowling?

  • Bibleist ( 62 / M / Portland, OR )

    Biking would be good also but they don't have that option posted. They must not know Portland.