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Fun Date Ideas

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  • IAmGoode ( 51 / W / Saint Louis, MO )

    talk about things

  • KBBrighton ( 62 / W / Brighton, MA )

    I would enjoy going to book talks or talks about city history at the library.

  • Sabrina2005 ( 65 / W / Riverside, CA )

    Please surprise me. I still like a man who can plan, organize a first date.

  • 22Tango ( 56 / W / Albuquerque, NM )

    Ideal first date is a relaxed outing to a location or venue that reflects shared interests. Can be a seminar or hobby activity followed up by a cup of coffee to chat on impressions gathered.

  • helenjohn ( 40 / W / Australia )

    We will go for walk to have time t discuss thoroughly

  • rboyd818 ( 58 / W / Cookeville, TN )

    Since first dates can be rather taxing, how about attending a show, movie, event or lecture we could enjoy together, and discuss afterward? Great way to get to know someone!

  • DougED ( 77 / M / Austin, TX )

    Meet at a coffee shop and get to know each other Hang out at a bookstore Go to a museum or theater

  • Homemade ( 68 / W / Grand Marais, MN )

    Meet for coffee and a bagel and go to a book signing or lecture or to a gallery showing.

  • feb2010 ( 59 / W / Winnetka, IL )

    attend a lecture - take in a museum - walk through Millennium Park and have a drink at the outdoor bar - go to Old Town School of Music for banjo night - bike through trails along the lake