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First Date Ideas

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  • Jadejourden ( 61 / W / Sherman, TX )

    Meet downtown have coffee and a walk.

  • Gracebyme ( 62 / W / Weisbaden, Hessen )

    Chemistry, and long fluid conversation with a fun flirt

  • Animalheart ( 64 / W / Hamilton, ON )

    For a first date I think we should meet at a cafe for a coffee or a glass of wine and get to know each other better. Second date can be a dinner and a movie. Then we will see where that leads.

  • Aviva17 ( 63 / W / Ottawa, ON )

    I am happy with meeting at a cafe and see if we connect.

  • WanderingWayne ( 70 / M / Fort Wayne, IN )

    How about getting together for a good cup of coffee and see where that goes. Im looking for a friendship relationship first and then what happens happens.

  • Littlejason ( 51 / M / Hillsboro, OH )

    Eat at a cafe get to know one another, afterwards catch a move,take a walk.Iits up to the both of us. I just want it to be an enjoying evenging full of good memories

  • kdls53 ( 64 / W / Knoxville, TN )

    I would like to meet at a quiet coffee shop or restaurant and talk. Talking and spending times together is the best way to get to know each other.

  • 3Cat52 ( 65 / W / Bainbridge Island, WA )

    My preference is to briefly meet over say, coffee, and see if there’s any of what gets labeled "chemistry" ...

  • SweetChamomille ( 64 / W / San Diego, CA )

    Having hot coffee, hot rolls or toast, and warm exchange of views to brace us for the wintry/fall weather.

  • eisvogel20141 ( 59 / M / Henryetta, OK )

    We will go out for dinner in a very good restaurant there

  • Victoria_ ( 58 / W / Marion, OH )

    A nice cup of coffee and great conversation for discussing likes and dislikes. Then we decide the next logical first step...

  • GiGi1961 ( 56 / W / Raleigh, NC )

    First date would like it to be coffee and conversation somewhere we can get to know each other

  • Rescuesdogs ( 70 / W / Bryn Mawr, PA )

    Coffee or lunch and then we'll see what happens.

  • lucielu ( 68 / W / Mahwah, NJ )

    Would like to meet at a cafe or diner

  • Dates2017 ( 66 / W / Iowa City, IA )

    I like to meet people first in a coffee shop or bookstore during the morning or afternoon to keep pressure low and atmosphere friendly.