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Fun Date Ideas

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  • JelenaK ( 52 / W / Backa Palanka )

    For the first date I would like to go out for a cup of coffee. Then maybe for a walk along a romantic beach...

  • 1Harleyman1 ( 60 / M / Arcadia, IN )

    Meet for a cup of coffee or a frape' and a Danish, or maybe lunch.

  • 63blueyes ( 63 / M / Chippewa Falls, WI )

    It would be a pleasant experience to meet up at a small restaurant over some cups of coffee to share a little bit about our lives with each other.

  • LisaH59 ( 59 / W / Virginia Beach, VA )

    Coffee and/or brunch in a small cafe always makes for a nice first date to break the ice and see if there is any point in a 2nd date.

  • xTantrafriend6x ( 61 / M / Universal City, TX )

    I would like to meet in a public place like Starbucks at the Forum

  • CitizenOWorld ( 65 / W / Denver, CO )

    At first, maybe meet somewhere for coffee or a casual meal so that we have an opportunity to talk.

  • Freedomseeker ( 63 / M / Vancouver, BC )

    A first date? Daytime, coffee or tea, get a sense if it's the last date. Subsequent dates? Early movie, late dinner. Fancy downtown bar to chat and peoplewatch. Concert, play, baseball game, picnic on the beach near suns...  read more >>

  • sib2017 ( 74 / W / Alexandria, VA )

    I think that it would be best to meet for coffee as a first meet-up and then perhaps a meal as a second date. I enjoy seeing movies, trying new restaurants, and going to events in D.C.

  • MsGemini ( 74 / W / Henderson, NV )

    For me, a first date is simply getting to know each other. Is the conversation fun and warm? Do we have chemistry? It's not about "sex," it's about compatibility. I don't have to be your girlfriend from date on...  read more >>

  • Nice2MeetU2018 ( 62 / W / Sherman, TX )

    Meet downtown have coffee and a walk.

  • Gracebyme ( 63 / W / Weisbaden, Hessen )

    Chemistry, and long fluid conversation with a fun flirt

  • Animalheart ( 64 / W / Hamilton, ON )

    For a first date I think we should meet at a cafe for a coffee or a glass of wine and get to know each other better. Second date can be a dinner and a movie. Then we will see where that leads.

  • Aviva17 ( 63 / W / Ottawa, ON )

    I am happy with meeting at a cafe and see if we connect.

  • WanderingWayne ( 70 / M / Fort Wayne, IN )

    How about getting together for a good cup of coffee and see where that goes. Im looking for a friendship relationship first and then what happens happens.

  • Littlejason ( 52 / M / Hillsboro, OH )

    Eat at a cafe get to know one another, afterwards catch a move,take a walk.Iits up to the both of us. I just want it to be an enjoying evenging full of good memories